This video is a drone tour of our travels around the Gaspe Peninsula in October 2021.


We’ll start with Rivière-du-Loup, a small city on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. The direct french translation means Wolf River. The name may have come from a native tribe known as The Wolves, OR, it may have come from the many seals, known as sea wolves, once found at the mouth of Wolf River.

Parc des Chutes is located right in the downtown area of Riviere du Loup. The main attraction is the 100 foot waterfall. Nearby, the Hydro Algonquin Power Station generates electricity which is sold to Hydro Quebec.

Here we are overlooking Lake Matapédia near Sayabec. It lies in the center of Matapedia Valley and is aptly nicknamed “Jewel of the Valley”. Matapedia means ‘where 2 rivers meets, namely the Assemetquagan River, and the Restigouche River.

This view of Lake Matapedia is from a lovely lookout on a hill called Belvedere Val Brillant.

The Routhierville covered bridge, built in 1931, crosses the Matapedia River. It’s the longest covered bridge in Bas-Saint_laurent at 78 meters long. Significant restorations were made in 2011.

Campbellton is a charming city on the south bank of the Restigouche River, just across from Pointe-à-la-Croix, Quebec.

This is Parc La Grande-Envolée. There is a significant presence of geese in this area, which prompted the name, which translates to ‘Park of the Great Flight’.

Gull Beach is a popular rest stop when driving along Route 132. There is a lovely beach which is very popular in the summertime.

Paspebiac Sur Mer. This area is a campground in the summertime, but all closed up for the season in October.

Saint-Godefroi is a small town along Route 132. The view from above is stunning!

Port Daniel is One of the best kept secrets of the Gaspésie. Vacationers can find beaches, fishing ports, hiking trails and more when they visit this area.

Anse à Carnaval is another rest area along Route 132, a lovely place to stop for a driving break.

Plage de Cap-d’Espoir, is also known as Festiplage, due to an annual 4 day music festival held on this beach. This area explodes with activity during that time.

Rocher Percé is one of the big tourist attractions in the Gaspe Peninsula. The rock is a 433-meter-long limestone rock in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with a natural arch.

Plage sable coin du banc persé is a lovely beach area with a cute little town right behind it.

Haldimand Beach is one of the most popular beach areas in the Gaspe Peninsula. It was quiet when we were there in the month of October, but very popular in the warm summer months.

La Route Verte is a cycling route crossing the province of Quebec from east to west and runs for 4,000 kilometers. We took a break here near the city of Gaspe.

Gaspé is a city at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula and is located about 650 km northeast of Quebec City. It’s a city rich in history and natural beauty and a must see destination in Canada.

Station de ski Mont-Béchervaise – this ski resort is kind enough to allow campers to stay overnight during the off season. It was a popular spot with many other campers as well.

Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse translates to Lighthouse of Roses, and was named for the many roses found in the area. It was built in the mid 1800’s, and today it is classified as a national historic site.

Anse de l’Étang Scenic route 132 runs right through this picturesque cove on the north end of the peninsula.

We stopped at this rest area in Baie de Saint-Yvon, and we were surprised to see these seals just hanging out on the rocks.

More beautiful views can be found at the Plage de Grande-Vallée. With a stunning view of Église catholique Saint-François-Xavier in Grande-Vallee.

This is Sainte-Madeleine-de-la-Rivière-Madeleine. The fall colours in October are stunning!

As we were crossing Petite Riviere Madeleine, we saw this hanging bridge, and went closer to explore.

Cap de la Madeleine Lighthouse is 17 meters, or 55 feet tall and was built in 1908. It is very easily accessible from route 132.

This is Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis, the steep cliffs and the falls colours were so beautiful at this time of year, we were here in the month of October.

This rest area has a small replica of the Phare de La Martre lighthouse just over the hill. It was quite windy on the day we were there and couldn’t take the drone too far for a better view.

Cap-Chat, Quebec is located on the northern shore of Gaspe Peninsula, and is nestled between the sea and the mountains. The Église catholique Saint-Norbert stands tall right by the sea.

This is the city of Rimouski, population 50,000 people. It’s a lovely place to visit, with plenty of trails, and parks along the St. Lawrence River.

This spot is just outside the BIC national park, along the Riviere-du-Bic and the St. Lawrence river.
Saint-Simon-sur-Mer, , this area is actually in the Bas-St-Laurant region of Quebec. It is a peaceful place to come and enjoy the sound of the waves.

This is Trois-Pistoles. How did this city get its name? The legend is that a sailor once lost a silver goblet in the river. This goblet was said to be worth 3 golden pistols. The name stuck for the river, and for the town that grew beside it.

Gaspé Peninsula Drone Tour

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