Ontario Trip Ideas – Interactive Map

Ontario Trip Ideas – Interactive Map

Are you looking for a day trip, weekend trip or somewhere new to spend an afternoon?  You’ve come to the right place.  We’ve made this interactive map for you with our Ontario Trip Ideas.  Places we have visited and documented with pictures and videos have all been listed on the map below.

Click on an icon and you’ll be able to watch the video we’ve made, or read about it here on our site.  Here’s what the icons refer to:


Bike Cam

A bike ride video created by mounting a camera on the bike’s handlebars and enjoying the ride.

Blog Post

Places we have visited but have no video, just a link to the blog post on this site.

Regular Park visits

Places we drove to and snapped video and pictures.  The newer ones are narrated, the older ones are not.

Drive Cam

A video taken as we drive along roads we think are interesting.  No narration.

Highlights from Toronto Parks:

Highlights from Mississauga Parks:

Highlights from Oakville Parks:

Ontario Trip Ideas – Interactive Map


Highlights from Burlington Parks:

Highlights from outside of the Greater Toronto Area:

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Inside the Kingston Penitentiary

Inside the Kingston Penitentiary

Date Visited:  July 29, 2019

Thousand Islands National Park

Well, it’s our 29th day on the road and we are back in Ontario, far from the ocean, and we both decided it’s about time to head home.  We just have a couple of places more to visit.  First we head to Ottawa to visit a friend that I’ve been missing.  Second, we have often talked about seeing Inside the Kingston Penitentiary.  On our way to Kingston, we take our time passing through Thousand Islands National Park.  We see many little islands scattered here and there.  This is a park we would definitely want to return to, and spend more time here.

Inside the Kingston Penitentiary

We booked a 1.5 hour tour to see Canada’s oldest and most notorious maximum-security prison, which was home to many of Canada’s most dangerous and notorious criminals. The tour guides were very knowledgable and told us about the history of the jail, and stories of riots and escapes.  All along the tour there were additional guides, most of who worked there as guards in the past.  They had more stories, and quite interesting to meet.  It did feel somewhat uneasy, especially being in the jail cells.  All in all, a very interesting tour.

On the final night of our trip, we settled in a little park in Kingston, Ontario where overnight parking was allowed.  It was quite a busy park with many people around late into the evening.  There were not many other options in the area, so we stayed here for the night.  We found this spot on the iOverlander app.


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