Our First Time in Paris

Our First Time in Paris

Date visited: September 2017

The main reason for visiting Europe in 2017 was to visit family in Greece.  We added a few more days to the trip so that we could see a little bit more of Europe.  Our First Time in Paris was wonderful!  We hit the usual touristy spots which made for the best Instagram-worthy pictures.  A disclaimer in regards to the pictures on this page.  Most were taken by a professional photographer – my daughter – owner and operator of Effie Edits Inc.  🙂

The Palais-Royal Garden is found right in the center of Paris not far from the Louvre Museum.  It’s a peaceful spot to go for a walk, have a picnic or find a bench and read a book.  

Paris is known for it’s beautiful bridges that cross the Seine River.  One of the most famous ones is Pont de Bir-Hakeim.  It’s decorated with many statues, and people come here for the incredible view of the Eiffel Tower.  This bridge was also featured in the movie ‘Inception’.  

Saint Sulpice is a Roman Catholic Church and the second largest in Paris.  It is well known for its role in the best-selling novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’.  It’s absolutely beautiful inside and The Great Organ is one of the largest in the world!

Paris is a great city for walking.  The Seine River runs right through and is perfect for walks along the river.  

Pont Alexandre III is one of the most extravagent bridges in Paris.  Bronze statues of lions and nymphs sit at each end.  Many movies, videos, and other events often take place at this bridge.

The oldest cafe in Paris is Le Procope.  We stopped in for a snack.  Just like Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte before us 🙂

We booked a four-hour tour by electric bicycles.  It’s called the Paris Charms & Secrets tour – I highly recommend it.  The bikes are easy to get used to and ride around the city.  One of the places we visited was the Arènes de Lutèce.  This ancient theatre could once seat 15,000 people.  

Last but not least, The Eiffel Tower.  After seeing the iconic structure all my life in movies, tv, reading about it in books, it felt surreal to actually visit for real.  The most famous landmark in Paris.

Our First time in Paris


We only spent a couple of days in Paris.  I would love to go back and see more of Paris and more of France.  We only touched on the tip of the iceberg with what we saw – there is so much more history and beauty to discover. 

The next stop of this European vacation was Ioannina, Greece, and the 3rd stop was London, England.  Thanks for visiting our site!

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Date Visited: September – October, 2017

We have been to Europe a number of times, and the destination has always been Greece so that we could visit family.  Although the main purpose of this trip again, was to visit family, we decided to take a few days before the family visit to see Paris, and a few days after the family visit to see London.  It was a very small taste of both cities, which left us wanting to go back for a longer visit to see more!


Our first time in Paris was incredible. We rented electric bicycles, saw iconic landmarks and some not so famous places as well.

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We visited family in Ioannina Greece and took a few day trips to places like Parga, Vikos National Park and swimming in the Ionioan Sea.

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We used the Hop On Hop Off bus to view the most popular sights in London, England. We visited Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Big Ben and more.

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Our Europe Trip


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