Today we saw A Little Bit of Nashville Tennessee 🙂 The day started off at The Parthenon in Centennial Park. Being of Greek descent, we were curious about this building, so we had to take a look. It’s cool. And it’s a good photo opportunity. The park is cute with a nice walk around a little lake. It was under construction when we were there, so I imagine it will be even nicer after the work is completed.


Then it was off to downtown Nashville. We parked near Riverfront Park, and took a stroll through the park. It was very quiet due to the fact that it was pretty cold that day, as well as there was nothing really going on in the park. But it’s very pretty for a walk along the Cumberland River.

A Little Bit of Nashville Tennessee

After that we found ourselves on the main strip, walking on Broadway. It is SO busy and full of life! Restaurants and bars line the street with wonderful music blasting from every single one! The streets are filled with bars on wheels as well. It’s a lot of fun walking on Broadway and taking it all in. Here are a few pictures:

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is close-by. It’s a pedestrian bridge that crosses over Cumberland River. It’s a great place to see a little bit of Nashville Tennessee.

"A Little Bit of Nashville"

This video contains a few little videos from our phones as we were walking around.  Take a look!

Parking in Nashville

If you don’t take a little bit time to look around, you could end up paying a small fortune in a parking garage. We drove just a few minutes away from downtown and found a safe parking lot for about a dollar an hour. Click here to see where we parked. But, we could have parked for free that day, had we known that if there are no events going on at the Nissan Stadium, the locals park there for free! Next time we’ll know! 🙂

Travel Distances and Boondock stops


Day 2 – Looking for warmth!

Distance Travelled:  785 km

Today we drove all day. We HAD to sleep somewhere warmer, so we headed straight south, and settled very close to Nashville.

Boondock stop: Old Hickory beach and boat ramp. We found this location on the iOverlander app. The spot was at the end of an industrial area.  You might think that you’re lost but keep driving until the end of the road.  It was a great place to stay.  We arrived late at night and did not see any ‘No overnight parking’ signs.  There was at least one other car there overnight.  It was very quiet during the night.  Lots of room for any size camper to park there overnight.  There were not many lights around so it was perfect for late night stargazing.  One of our favourite stops and close to Nashville.

Day 3 – Heading more South!

Distance Travelled: 344 km

Although Nashville was MUCH warmer than Ohio, it still wasn’t as warm as we had hoped. So, after walking around Nashville for a few hours, we drove as far as we could before it got too dark.  We ended up in a Walmart parking lot. This was a 24 hour location and open all night.  This was nice because washrooms were available all night.  It was noisy – shoppers were coming and going throughout the night.  It was close to I-65 so we could also hear the traffic.  There was also a Sam’s Club and gas station in the same lot.  It was good enough for a quick stop to sleep and continue the drive in the morning. A couple of other RV’s were there as well.  Walmart camping is a thing!  Read this article to learn more.

Tomorrow we hit the Gulf of Mexico.  Will we find the warmth we’re looking for?  Stay tuned!


Stick with us on our Florida Road Trip from Toronto, and we’ll tell you about the places we find to sleep, the places we find to picnic and rest, the beaches we relax at, and the cities we visit.

Yours Truly …. Yula