Date Visited:  July 17, 2019

Today our plan is to head to the Bonavista Peninsula, and visit the Adorable Puffins in Elliston Newfoundland.  We have no idea how wonderful this visit is going to be!   It’s about a 10 minute walk from the entrance of the Puffin Viewing Site, through a well-kept meadow and toward the edge of the site.  On a large rock across the water there were hundreds, if not thousands, of puffins gathered and fishing for their meal.  A few brave ones were much closer for our viewing pleasure.  It’s quite wonderful and really indescribable on what it feels like to be there so close to them.  They are absolutely adorable!

We highly recommend visiting this site.  And if you go, make sure you have a good camera with a good zoom lens.  You can get some amazing pictures.  The pictures and video I have are poor quality, but still a wonderful memory of our visit there.

See them in action:

After consulting our boondocking app – iOverlander – we headed to Dungeon Provincial Park for our overnight stay.  It was another incredible camping spot in Newfoundland.

Adorable Puffins in Elliston Newfoundland


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