It’s certainly exciting and fun to retire early.  The main question we kept revisiting was, “Will the money last?”  We decided that we CAN make it last, with careful attention to our spending habits. We sleep in our car more often than airbnb’s, we cook our own food more often than eating in restaurants, and we visit places with low or no admission fees.  Read on to see the Affordable Destinations on the Florida East Coast that we discovered.

After leaving the Florida Keys, our destination was Miami Beach.  As we were crossing the Rickenbacker Causeway we could see big palm trees, blue water, and white sand.  And it was WARM!  We pulled over and ended up at Hobie Island Beach Park.  Parking was free, the view was beautiful, so we stayed for a few hours.  Did I mention it was warm?


For the next 3 days we hung around North Miami Beach.  After 10 days on the road with cool temperatures, we finally found what we were looking for!  The beach was gorgeous, walks in the area were very pretty, and the nightlife was exciting and fun.  We really enjoyed our time here.  All the beach parking lots around here are only $1/hour from 8-6, and free after that and overnight.  This also made it quite inviting for us to stay longer.

South Pointe Pier is a busy spot early in the morning!  Joggers, walkers, doggies, bodybuilders, yoga people, young, old, black, white and everyone in between.  A very fun and picturesque place to visit 🙂  Parking in the area is $2/hour after 9:00am.  This was our first stop of the day around 8:00am, so it was free for us.

A place we were interested in seeing was the Hollywood Beach BroadwalkHollywood North Beach Park is closeby so we decided to stay for the day.  Admission to the park is $10 for the day.  There is lots of shade, many picnic tables, access to the beach, and the 3-mile boardwalk ends at the park.  It’s a perfect spot to spend the day.


Affordable Destinations on the Florida East Coast

On our final day in Florida, we drove up the coast of Singer Island, Juno Beach and Jupiter Island.  It was all very beautiful – clean, sandy beaches, the bluest waters and skies.  After a while, they started to look the same.  And the weather was getting colder.  So we hopped on the I-95 and took the quick road to Daytona Beach.  It was cold and windy!! 

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Travel Distances and Boondock stops


Days 9, 10 & 11

Distance Travelled:  213 km

We didn’t drive very much for the time we spent in Miami Beach.  Just a few kilometres around the area.

Boondock stop: Beach Parking lot in Miami Beach.  As mentioned earlier, parking was free overnight.  The sunrises were beautiful over the ocean!

Days 12

Distance Travelled:  200 km

We couldn’t find anywhere suitable to camp tonight, so we opted to stay in a Cracker Barrel parking lot.  We found this one on the iOverlander app.  Most Cracker Barrels have parking lots for RV’s and busses, and allow overnight parking.

Days 13

Distance Travelled:  412 km


Boondock stop:  Alimacani Park, Jacksonville.

This was a very pretty spot.  We walked through the park until sunset, had a quiet night and left at dawn.


Tomorrow we head to Savannah, Georgia!

Stick with us on our Florida Road Trip from Toronto, and we’ll tell you about the places we find to sleep, the places we find to picnic and rest, the beaches we relax at, and the cities we visit.

Yours Truly …. Yula


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