Date Visited:  July 2-3, 2019

The first couple of days of our road trip was spent driving from Toronto To New Brunswick.  We spent a lot of time driving so that we could get to Nova Scotia quickly.  We aimed to get past Montreal on our first day, and settled in a little town called  Beloeil, Quebec.  

Night 1 – Richelieu River, Quebec

The first spot we tried in this area was Halte Routière Otterburn Park.  There was a nice view of the Richelieu River and room for a few small campers.  It had an electric car charging station and a bicycle repair station.  It had 24 hour clean washrooms and drinkable water.  We wanted to stay here but this spot was noisy and busy until well after midnight. So we moved on to the next spot we found on

We found this roadside pull off on, and was easy to get to.  It was very quiet overnight, and very little traffic.  The pier had a little bit of breeze which helped with the heat.  There was another van when we arrived but there was room for both.

Night 2 – Maces Bay, New Brunswick

We arrived at this spot before sunset.  There used to be a boat ramp here, but it was demolished and there was construction going on.  It was very quiet throughout the night, but were awakened at  7:00am when the construction began.  We didn’t encounter any mosquitos or black flies.  It was a nice spot to watch the sunset and the changing of the tide.  It is also a good spot for stargazing late at night as there are no light around.  There’s lots of room for any size camper to stay here.  It’s a nice drive along Maces Bay with a view of the sea.  It was worth going out of our way to stay at this spot.

Driving from Toronto to New Brunswick

We travelled about 1500 km in the first 2 days!  The road from Riviere-du-Loup to the New Brunswick border was not very good to drive on.  But once we arrived in New Brunswick, the road was great!


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