Date Visited:  July 12, 2019

When we set out on our road trip, the plan was to come out east and travel around the coastline of Nova Scotia.  It was our first car-camping trip, and we weren’t sure how we would like it.  And so it was up in the air whether we’d do the Ferry Crossing to Newfoundland.  Well, it turned out we absolutely love car-camping/boondocking/sleeping in our car each night.  So it was time to decided whether or not we’d go visit Newfoundland.  It was a very easy decision!  Of course we wanted to.  The next question was – is it too late to book a ticket on the ferry?

Marine Atlantic is the company that provides the ferry services from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.  Our options were a 7 hour trip to Port aux Basques, or a 16 trip to Argentia.  The decision was easy – the 7 hour trip.  Less time on the ferry and less expensive as well.  It was easy for us to book last minute because we had a passenger car.  If we had an RV, we likely would not have been able to cross over.  Advance reservations are highly recommended for families with RV’s.

The Marine Atlantic ferry.

The time of departure was 12:00 noon – we were advised to arrive 2 hours early.  It was a good time to chat with other passengers, clean out the car, and prepare a bag for taking aboard for the duration of the trip.  We will not be allowed to come back to our car during the trip.

The view of the main level of the ferry parking area as we enter.  The trailers and RV’s that board last will be on this level.

The passenger cars are guided to drive down to the lower level of the ferry.

Here we’re on the ramp, heading down to the lower level.

Backing in to the parking area.

We thought we’d be out on the deck enjoying the view for much of the trip, but it was COLD!  The view was definitely beautiful, but we stayed indoors for most of the trip.

After we disembarked, it was time to look for a spot to spend the night.  We ran into this little friend while we were exploring.  So cute!

Ferry Crossing to Newfoundland

Distances Travelled:

Nova Scotia: 56 km

Ferry: 177 km

Newfoundland: 58 km


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