Our Florida road trip from Toronto – Getting Ready! It starts tomorrow!  I am excited – looking forward to seeing all the places we’ve planned to see, living a simple, nomadic life, seeing a sunset every night and a sunrise every morning, and simply getting away from it all.

I am also anxious.  Did we pack everything?  Will we be warm enough sleeping in the car in cold weather?  Will we be cool enough sleeping in the car in warm weather?  Will we find a good spot to park each night?  Will we stay healthy while we’re away? Will my family be ok while we’re gone? So many things to think about. But I know as we settle into the routine of our trip, the anxieties will melt away.



Clothing, kitchen stuff, camping gear, tools… Everything is loaded into the car. We’re all set! Onwards to Florida with a few stops along the way.


Here is a list of some things we did to prepare for the trip:

  • We called our auto insurance provider to make sure our policy covered travel in the US. (It did!)
  • Emergency medical insurance is important!   We chose the Manulife plan for $168 each. This can be used for multiple trips in the next year.
  • For our cell phone, we went with Roam Mobility pre-paid SIM card for use in the US.  We chose their monthly plan ($65/MONTH) which includes 4 GB of data, unlimited calling and texting to Canada. We need to stay in touch with family.
  • Because we will be sleeping in our car, we need somewhere to shower.  A Planet Fitness membership is perfect for us to use while travelling.  We can shower, move our muscles a little bit, and free WiFi is a bonus!  There are Planet Fitness clubs all over the US and Canada, and at $25/month, it’s worth every penny!
  • We download Google maps on our phones. This will help us get around without using up the data on the cell phone.

Florida Road Trip from Toronto – Getting Ready! 

This is the route we plan to follow. It’s just a rough idea, we have no time limit so there’s opportunity to see more if we choose to.  I’m looking forward to seeing Nashville!

Here is a list of some apps we like to keep on our phone:


This is our favourite app for getting ideas on where to boondock.  It uses the phone’s cache to store locations, and it can be used offline.  This saves on data!


Another good app for finding bookdock locations.  This can’t be used offline, but a good one to check when we have WiFi access.

Spending Tracker

This is a good little app to keep track on what we spend for food, gas, entertainment, etc.


Stick with us on our Florida Road Trip from Toronto, and we’ll tell you about the places we find to sleep, the places we find to picnic and rest, the beaches we relax at, and the cities we visit.

Yours Truly …. Yula