Date Visited:  July 6, 2019

Fort Beausejour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

Today we plan to visit Fort Beausejour and Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

First stop – Fort Beausejour.  Initially built by the French it was named Fort Beausejour.  After it was captured by the English in 1755, it was renamed Fort Cumberland.  There is much history in this area and it was a lot of fun exploring it, especially in such a beautiful, scenic setting.





Next Stop – Joggins Fossil Cliffs.  This area was initially a coal mine until it was closed in the 1950’s.  The cliffs are home to fossils which are thousands of years old.  The daily high tide erodes the cliff, and fossils are continuously falling out and left on the shores.  We looked around a little bit, but didn’t see anything worth writing home about.  It certainly was fun looking though!

Night 4 – July 5, 2019 – Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

After studying the satelite view on google maps, we decided to head to Advocate Harbour.  It looked like there were roads ending by the water where we could possibly sleep for the night.  We were right!  We found a spot right by Advocate Beach.  We took a walk along the beach, and met a couple that were just leaving.  They ‘gave’ us their campfire, and we kept it going until the sun had set.   We put it out, headed back to our car, and found some cute, furry friends playing in the rocks by our car.  It was a great boondock spot.

Fort Beausejour and Joggins Fossil Cliffs

We travelled 240 km today!

Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Watch a few video clips!


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