Date Visited:  July 10-11, 2019

Days 9 & 10 of our Eastern Canada road trip

We are heading to Fortress of Louisbourg Historic Site.  Driving along the south Shore of Nova Scotia is absolutely beautiful.  It was much colder than we expected in the middle of July, but we didn’t mind.  Stopping now and then to enjoy the ocean views was very calming.

We came upon Lawrencetown Beach early in the day.  This is a popular spot for surfers. The water was COLD!  The local folks told us that if we wanted to swim, to come back in August & September.  We’d have a better chance of finding warm water.  We’ll definitely have to come back!

As we headed toward the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton Island, there were very many lovely stops along the way.  

As we crossed over to Cape Breton Island on the Canso Causeway (the road that connects Cape Breton Island to the main Nova Scotia peninsula), the sun was starting to set, so it was time to look for a boondock spot.  We’ve had some good luck with lighthouses, so we headed to Cap Auget Lighthouse.  It was yet another perfect spot for falling asleep to the sound of waves!

The next morning, we found this rest area, with a wonderful little surprise.  Up in the corner of the shelter I found this pretty painted rock, with a little instruction on the other side.  It made me smile.  I kept it in my pocket for a couple of days, but was feeling a little guilty for not rehiding it!  So I left it at another rest stop a couple of days later.  I love this idea – I may take up a new rock-painting hobby smile   #Asbachersteine

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

The Fortress of Louisbourg is one of the best National Historic Sites we have visited so far.  There are many buildings to explore, lots of people re-enacting their roles in the fortress, and much history to learn.  It was a beautiful day to explore.  (The first image is from the Fortress official website)

After another busy day, it was time to find somewhere to cook some dinner and turn in for the day.  We ended up in Donkin, NS.  We were right at the edge of a cliff – an absolutely beautiful and peaceful spot.

Heading to Cape Breton Island

A few video clips:

We travelled 582 km over the past 2 days!


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