Date Visited:  July 4-5, 2019

Fundy National Park

As we began driving along the coast and heading to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, one thing that stood out was the low tide.  We have never seen high and low tides before, and so we kept stopping and marvelling at the landscape.  It’s pretty incredible to see.  The docks in the harbours are all adjustable so that the fishermen can come and go whether the tide is high or low!

We arrived at Fundy National Park, and it is indeed breathtaking.  It was high tide when we arrived, and as we drove on, the tide was on it’s way out.  It’s very cool to walk on the bottom of the sea that was covered in water just a few hours ago.  It’s a beautiful sight 🙂

Night 3 – July 4, 2019

We decided to check out a spot we found on called Logging road turnout.  When we initially arrived, we liked the spot.  It was a nice clearing in the forest.  But as we were getting ready to turn in at dusk, the mosquitoes were insane!  So we quickly got ready and did not exit the car until next morning.  It was quiet all night, but one thing we learned as car camping newbies is, we will need to find camping spots near the sea, and, the windier the better!

Fundy National Park in New Brunswick

Watch a few video clips!


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