Here are the things we did for our Honda CRV Camper Conversion.  The first thing we had to do is remove the back seats.  Although the back seats fold down flat, we opted to remove them because we wanted to have more room for storage.  It’s a little tricky to remove them, and even trickier to re-install them.  Take notes and pictures to remember what you did.

The next thing to do is to build a platform for sleeping.  It’s important to know what you will be storing underneath as this would determine the height.  Don’t plan to store anything too tall, as you need space on top for sleeping on your side.  The hooks on the car floor that are used to hold the seats down can also be used to hold down the platform.  

Here you can see the second half of the platform.  In our case, the tallest item we needed to store was the cooler.  We cut a section out so that we could lift the lid without having to take it out of the car.

Both of the back windows have a screen taped on the inside, so that we could leave the windows open without bugs getting in.  For privacy, we cut out a black vinyl piece for each window and attach it with velcro.  The front window gets a sunshade if there are more campers closeby.  If not, we leave it uncovered for the gorgeous views.

Honda CRV Camper Conversion

The final thing to do is simply hop in and enjoy the view!  No hotel (in our price range, anyway) can compete with the views that we found on our travels.

How do we find places to camp?

There are many resources on the internet to help find safe and beautiful places for boondocking.  We use apps such as iOverlander, Campendium and  We also explore back roads on our own, and stop in areas where overnight parking is not prohibited.  As a last resort, if we can’t find anywhere to park for a few hours sleep, we head to the closest Walmart store.  Most Walmarts allow for overnight parking.  On any night, a few RV’s can be found at the back of the lot for a quick sleep.


Why do we love to camp?

Something pretty magical happens to us when we’re out in nature.  We feel happier, healthier, calmer.  We take a break from everyday life and concentrate on each other.  We spend much less time looking at all the various types of screens.  Our bodies and souls recharge.  And it’s not just us – research has shown this all to be true.  Take a look at this article at  35 Amazing Benefits of Camping, According To Science.  Get out there, it will do you good!


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