Date Visited:  July 16, 2019

Today was a fun day in Newfoundland – we saw a variety of interesting things including Icebergs Airplanes Lighthouse and Moose!   Our day started in King’s Point, Newfoundland.  We found a rest area right by the water in Corner Brook Cove – it was listed on  We saw our first iceberg making it’s way along the water.  It was surreal!  It started breaking apart as well – sounds we had never heard before.  It was very cool to see.

Today was our 5th day in Newfoundland, and we were commenting on how we had not yet seen a moose.  A little while later, as we were driving along a quiet road, we saw one!  This one looked like a mama moose.  We slowed down for a pic, and then moved along.

Our next stop was Gander, Newfoundland.  We needed groceries, we needed WiFi for some facetime with family, and also we knew there was an aviation museum here.  We also just wanted to stop because of the importance of this tiny town with a huge heart.  Click here if you don’t know what I mean.  Here are some pictures from the North Atlantic Aviation Museum:

After Gander, we headed to (yes, another lighthouse!) – Long Point Lighthouse in North Twilingate Island.  We walked a few trails (quite interesting names, by the way), and enjoyed the stunning views.  


When we first arrived here in North Twilingate Island, we thought it would be a good place to settle in for the night.  But shortly after we arrived and started our hike, every minute we’d hear a loud foghorn blast!  Have a listen.

And so, after our hike, we slowly made our way to South Twilingate Island – faraway from that foghorn!  We passed the town of Twilingate, and we found Waldo!  We stopped for a bite to eat, and then moved on to find a place to settle for the night.

We found this amazing boondock spot in South Twilingate Island.  Another night of falling asleep to the sound of the waves.  It was a good day smile

Icebergs Airplanes Lighthouse and Moose!


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