If you’re looking for a day trip in Southern Ontario, a visit to a waterfall is a perfect getaway. Just head to Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario for some nature therapy.  From the parking lot, it’s just about a 15 minute easy walk to the waterfall. You’ll walk over a bridge and through a very well maintained wooded trail.

The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. If you take your time you could carefully make it to the base of the falls. We didn’t go but saw others down at the bottom waving back to us. The sound of the water is so therapeutic – it’s a beautiful place to relax.

There are lots of trees and rocks to step through and explore. It is located in the Pottawatomi Conservation Area and there are many longer trails to explore if you’re up for the hikes.

Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario

Click HERE for the Google location. It’s just a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto.


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