Date Visited:  July 7, 2019

Minas Basin in Nova Sctia

The Minas Basin in Nova Scotia is an inlet of the Bay of Fundy  and it’s known for the extremely high tides.  We began driving along the coast line (see map below).  It’s absolutely beautiful!  We stop whenever we find a gorgeous view – and it turns out we stopped a LOT!  We stopped to stretch our legs in a little town called Parrsboro, and hung out in a little park with antique cars and trains.  It was quite cute.

Our next stop was going to be somewhere to cook our breakfast.  Just east of Parrsboro we came across Five Islands Provincial Park.  We found a spot where we could drive right onto the beach and view each of the File Islands.  Such beauty!







People are SO friendly in Nova Scotia. One retired school teacher that we met told us about tidal bores. What are tidal bores you ask? That’s what I asked too! It’s ONE wave, that runs UP a river or narrow estuary. It sounded pretty freaky, so we went searching. Lucky for us, the Fundy Discovery Site was next on our stop. We arrived around 2:30pm and we were told that the next tidal bore was expected at 3:50pm. We waited, and it arrived precisely at the time specified. It was a nice little wave haha! A little anti-climactic, but still fun to see.

The highest tides in the world – 50 feet – can be found at Burntcoat Head Park.  We arrived as the tide was moving out – the views were amazing.  We stayed to cook our dinner and after a couple of hours we went back for another look.  The tide was now low – what a difference!

Night 5 – July 6, 2019 – Houston’s Beach, Nova Scotia

We had some luck yesterday in finding a good boondock spot, so we followed another lead today from Google maps.  We ended up at Houston’s Beach – another lovely spot!

Minas Basin in Nova Scotia

We travelled 330 km today!

Watch a few video clips!


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