Come for a walk with us and we’ll show you the painted rocks in the woods we found 🙂

April 2020

These days will certainly be marked in history.

We. Are. Home.

As is everyone else in Canada, United States, and beyond.

We are home so that we don’t spread the virus.

We are home to flatten the curve.

We are home to keep our elders safe.

Once a day we emerge from our homes.

We come out for fresh air, exercise and to clear our minds.

On this day, we walked through Nightingale Woods in Oakville, Ontario.

To our surprise, it was ‘littered’ with colour!

Dozens of Painted Rocks in the Woods!

Messages of Inspiration and Love.

Messages of Hope and Support.

Each one made us smile.


Until we can travel again, we appreciate the beauty in our own backyard.  We hope you enjoyed the photos, thank you for visiting our site.  Subscribe now and don’t miss a post!

Yours Truly …. Yula