There’s a new park in town – South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario!  It opened up in July 2020 and we finally made time to go check it out.  It was a windy, cool, clear, sunshiney day in September and it was absolutely beautiful!

From the parking lot (free parking), we saw a staircase leading down to the water.  We found ourselves on a stoney beach.

After coming back up the stairs we took a little walk along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

After a short 5 minute walk, we found another staircase down to the water.  This one led to an amazing sandy beach.  

South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

At the end of the trail (10 minutes or so) we found the BluWater condos.  If you have a million dollars lying around I’d highly recommend buying a unit here – it would have the most amazing view! 🙂

Oh!  There’s also a brand new park for the kiddies (also washrooms and a water refill center).

You too can visit this gorgeous little park.  It’s on the west end of Oakville and just a 40 minute drive from Toronto.  You can even see the Toronto skyline on a clear day.


 There are many other pretty places to visit in Oakville while you’re here.  Click here to check them out.  Thanks for visiting!

Yours Truly …. Yula