We are aching to travel.  Until parks and campgrounds starting opening up, it’s best to just stay home.  But when it’s sunny and warm and we can put the top down, going for a Sunday Drive in Halton Ontario is just what the doctor ordered.  

So we packed some snacks, put on sun hats and suncreen, put the top down and started up the summertime tunes.  We headed north and drove through quiet country roads.  Nature was green and healthy and in full spring mode.

We ended up in little Waterside Park in Rockwood, Ontario.  A few were fishing in the Emarosa River, and others enjoying the sunshine.  Everyone was spread out quite responsibly.  

Rockwood Conservation Area was close by so we thought we’d head there for a hike.  It was closed through, as we suspected.  We walked through a forested area not far from there.  The official Ontario flower – The Trullium – was in full bloom all over the forest floor.

Driving with the top down is great for looking up and capturing birds soaring in the sky (great the the passenger, that is!).  It’s always fun seeing the farm animals too.

Sunday Drive in Halton Ontario

And that’s a little taste of our sunshine-filled day trip.  I hope you too can one day drive through the winding roads of Halton Hills.  You won’t regret it.f  Thanks for visiting our site 🙂

Yours Truly …. Yula