South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

There’s a new park in town – South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario!  It opened up in July 2020 and we finally made time to go check it out.  It was a windy, cool, clear, sunshiney day in September and it was absolutely beautiful!

From the parking lot (free parking), we saw a staircase leading down to the water.  We found ourselves on a stoney beach.

After coming back up the stairs we took a little walk along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

After a short 5 minute walk, we found another staircase down to the water.  This one led to an amazing sandy beach.  

South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

At the end of the trail (10 minutes or so) we found the BluWater condos.  If you have a million dollars lying around I’d highly recommend buying a unit here – it would have the most amazing view! 🙂

Oh!  There’s also a brand new park for the kiddies (also washrooms and a water refill center).

You too can visit this gorgeous little park.  It’s on the west end of Oakville and just a 40 minute drive from Toronto.  You can even see the Toronto skyline on a clear day.


 There are many other pretty places to visit in Oakville while you’re here.  Click here to check them out.  Thanks for visiting!

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The Prettiest Spots in Oakville

The Prettiest Spots in Oakville

Oakville is the loveliest town on the north shore of Lake Ontario (in my opinion, anyway!)  It’s about 30 km. west of Toronto, and 90 km. north-east of Niagara Falls.  When we’re not travelling, we spend a lot of time hiking the trails in town or walking along the shores of Lake Ontario.  Here are The Prettiest Spots in Oakville.


I want to say that this is my most favourite park in Oakville, but I would say the very same thing for the next places on my list.  There is a formal rose garden, a pond, a cute bridge, a pretty water fountain,  and beautiful views of Lake Ontario.


This park is also on the shores of Lake Ontario.  On a clear day you can see the Toronto skyscrapers across the lake.  The kids love the playground and skipping stones along the shore.  Walking along the pier toward the lighthouse is very pretty at dusk.  You can watch the sunset, and the sailboats heading back to to the marina.


Downtown Oakville is just a hop, skip & jump from Lakeside Park.  It has a small town feel, very clean and well kept.  There are lots of restaurants and little shops for browsing.  The Town Square is right in the center of it all and a great place to sit down and relax after a morning or afternoon of shopping.  

Coronation Park

Another park found on the shore of Lake Ontario.  There’s a playground for the kids, big spaces for picnics, lots of parking, and in December 2020 it was lit up beautifully!


Lions Valley Park can be found in the Sixteen Mile Creek valley.  Its the perfect place to go for a hike any time of year.  There is plenty of shade for hot summer days, and absolutely beautiful in the snowy winters.  There’s a playground for the kids and plenty of picnic tables for family days.  The video below was taken in the spring when everything was just beginning to bloom.

Update December 2020:  This photo snapped from above, on the Highway 5 bridge, overlooking Lions Valley Park after a fresh snowfall:


Tannery is Oakville’s newest park on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The winding walkways are perfect for a stroll along the shoreline, and especially pretty when the sun is setting.  There’s an observation platform, a butterfly garden, and lots of benches and chairs for enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the Oakville Marina.


Bronte Park is the one we head to most often than any other.  There is always something going on here as it’s the perfect gathering place for summertime concerts, festivals, fireworks and other events.  It’s absolutely lovely!




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