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Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada. Photos of our trip through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec.

2021 Ford Transit – Maxxair Fan Install

This is how we completed the Maxxair 00-05 100K MaxxFan Ventilation Fan Install on our 2021 Ford Transit.

2021 Ford Transit HR AWD – The Subfloor!

The first piece of work we tackled on our 2021 Ford Transit HR AWD was the subfloor. This blog post outlines how we did it.

2021 Ford Transit HR AWD – Our new Van!

After 7 long months, our 2021 Ford Transit HR AWD is finally sitting proudly in our driveway, and we couldn’t be happier.

Still Waiting On Our Van!

We are Still Waiting On Our Van due to chip shortages around the world. We are hoping it gets built in July and delivered to us by the end of the summer.