Quebec is an absolutely beautiful province to visit.  The landscape is breathtaking from mountains to valleys, forests and the beautiful sea.   We’ve made this interactive map for you with our Quebec Destinations.  Places we have visited and documented with pictures and videos have all been listed on the map below.

Click on an icon and you’ll be able to watch the video we’ve made, or read about it here on our site.  Here’s what the icons refer to:


Bike Cam

A bike ride video created by mounting a camera on the bike’s handlebars and enjoying the ride.

Drone Cam

Drone videos shot using the DJI Mini 2 drone.

Regular Park visits

Places we drove to and snapped video and pictures.  The newer ones are narrated, the older ones are not.

Drive Cam

A video taken as we drive along roads we think are interesting.  No narration.

Quebec Destinations – Interactive Map


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