Waterfall Chasing – Interactive Map

Written By Yula.ca

On July 10, 2021

There’s something pretty magical about waterfalls – they make us feel happy, and peaceful, and good about being out in nature.  In fact, a quick google search shows many articles talking about negative ions, found in abundance at waterfalls, boost our seratonin, create positive vibes and lift our spirits.  Check out WebMD here.  And so, since we live close to so many waterfalls, we started Waterfall Chasing.  And have created this Interactive Map of all the waterfalls we have visited.

There is a great website that we use for reference, to discover all the waterfalls, and to decide on which one to visit next:  http://waterfallsofontario.com/

The map below shows the locations of the waterfalls that we have visited.  Each red marker links to the video along that trail.  Check back often as we’ll be keeping it up to date.

Waterfall Chasing – Interactive Map

A few highlights:

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Yours Truly …. Yula