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Eastern Canada

Eastern Canada. Photos of our trip through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec.

2021 Ford Transit – Fix Windshield Stone Chip

Alex shows How to Fix Windshield Stone Chip on a 2021 Ford Transit. The van is a 250 High Roof All Wheel Drive.  

2021 Ford Transit – Van Life Insurance Ontario

2021 Ford Transit – Van Life Insurance Ontario We converted our brand new van from a commercial vehicle, to a motorhome, in Ontario, Canada.

2021 Ford Transit – Ceiling

This post will give a brief overview of the steps we took to finish the ceiling in our van – a 2021 Ford Transit.

2021 Ford Transit – Insulation

Insulation in our 2021 Ford Transit. See how we insulated our floor, walls, ceiling, headliner shelf and back doors.