10 Places to Visit in Southern Ontario

10 Places to Visit in Southern Ontario

Are you looking for a day trip?  Or a weekend trip?  Take a look at my list of 10 Places to Visit in Southern Ontario.  This is by no means a complete list, but you may find one or two places that you haven’t yet visited.  The places are listed by distance to Toronto – the closest first.


Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

32 km from Toronto
This is the last remaining marshland between Toronto and Burlington.  It’s fun walking along the boardwalks and looking for wildlife.



Glenorchy Conservation Area

56 km from Toronto
Glenorchy is an ecosystem protection area around the Sixteen Mile Creek gorge.



Limehouse Conservation Area

63 km from Toronto
The Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail runs through this beautiful park.



Niagara Falls

128 km from Toronto
The most famous iconic waterfalls are in Ontario, and the most beautiful when viewed on the Canadian side.



Port Colborne

147 km from Toronto
It is on the southern end of the Welland Canal, and the first city a ship will pass through when travelling from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.


10 Places to Visit in Southern Ontario


Big Creek National Wildlife Area

176 km from Toronto
Big Creek is a huge wetlands area and home to a wealth of wildlife.  It’s located at the base of the Long Point peninsula.



Jones Falls

193 km from Toronto
This lovely waterfall is located near Owen Sound in the Pottawatomi Conservation Area.  It just a short easy hike from the parking lot.



Kincardine, Ontario

221 km from Toronto
This charming little town is located on the shores of Lake Huron.  It’s a fun place to explore and has the most beautiful sunsets.



Tobermory, Ontario

295 km from Toronto
A harbour village on the north end of the Bruce Peninsula.  The hikes are beautiful, the landscapes are stunning and the sunsets are mesmerizing.  A must-see destination.



Agawa Canyon

700 km from Toronto
The Agawa Canyon Tour Train offers a 1-day trip down into the canyon.  It’s absolutely beautiful in autumn.  Reservations are usually made a year in advance.


Bonus:  Oakville, Ontario

37 km from Toronto
I’m biased on this one since it’s my hometown, but you won’t be disappointed if you visit one of the many parks found along the lakeshore.


10 Places to Visit in Southern Ontario

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Big Creek National Wildlife Area

Big Creek National Wildlife Area

It was time for another mid-week day trip.  We decided to drive south toward Lake Erie to Big Creek National Wildlife Area in Long Point Ontario, and try out Alex’s new scope.

There have been numerous occasions in our travels where we wished we could see what was in the disctance more clearly – for example icebergs, whales, puffins and more! So when Alex found a deal on the SVBONY SV13 Spotting Scope, he took it.  Testing it out in the wildlife reserve seemed like the perfect spot.

This park is absolutely beautiful.  It was very quiet in terms of people – we only ran into a couple of other wildlife watchers while we were there.  There are 2 platforms for viewing far off into the disctance, and a path connecting the two.  We spent much of the time watching a crane, “up close and personal”.  Watch our video below for more of what we saw during our visit.

All the fresh air made us hungry, so we drove down to Long Point Beach for a little picnic lunch.  We found a spot on Hastings Drive where we were allowed to park and spent an hour listening to the waves.

I looked around on google maps and saw that Port Rowan Harbour was closeby so off we went to explore it.  It was lovely and reminded me a little bit of our time on the East Coast.

Big Creek National Wildlife Area

June 2020

July 2021

Big Creek National Wildlife Area is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Toronto.  If you’re looking for a peaceful get-away, this is it!


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South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

There’s a new park in town – South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario!  It opened up in July 2020 and we finally made time to go check it out.  It was a windy, cool, clear, sunshiney day in September and it was absolutely beautiful!

From the parking lot (free parking), we saw a staircase leading down to the water.  We found ourselves on a stoney beach.

After coming back up the stairs we took a little walk along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

After a short 5 minute walk, we found another staircase down to the water.  This one led to an amazing sandy beach.  

South Shell Park in Oakville Ontario

At the end of the trail (10 minutes or so) we found the BluWater condos.  If you have a million dollars lying around I’d highly recommend buying a unit here – it would have the most amazing view! 🙂

Oh!  There’s also a brand new park for the kiddies (also washrooms and a water refill center).

You too can visit this gorgeous little park.  It’s on the west end of Oakville and just a 40 minute drive from Toronto.  You can even see the Toronto skyline on a clear day.


 There are many other pretty places to visit in Oakville while you’re here.  Click here to check them out.  Thanks for visiting!

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Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario

Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario

If you’re looking for a day trip in Southern Ontario, a visit to a waterfall is a perfect getaway. Just head to Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario for some nature therapy.  From the parking lot, it’s just about a 15 minute easy walk to the waterfall. You’ll walk over a bridge and through a very well maintained wooded trail.

The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous. If you take your time you could carefully make it to the base of the falls. We didn’t go but saw others down at the bottom waving back to us. The sound of the water is so therapeutic – it’s a beautiful place to relax.

There are lots of trees and rocks to step through and explore. It is located in the Pottawatomi Conservation Area and there are many longer trails to explore if you’re up for the hikes.

Jones Falls in Owen Sound Ontario

Click HERE for the Google location. It’s just a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto.


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The Cliffs and Caves in Tobermory

The Cliffs and Caves in Tobermory

Date visited: September 2015

We took a short weekend trip to explore The Cliffs and Caves in Tobermory. Tobermory is about a 4 hour drive north of Toronto.  It’s a little village on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, dividing Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay.


Little Tub Harbour is the focal point of the town.  It’s a pretty stroll around the harbour, with a few little shops and cafes closeby. 

Just a 5 minute drive from Little Tub Harbour is Big Tub Harbour, and the home of Big Tub Lighthouse.  We visited a couple of times – the nighttime visit was very peaceful.

We took a glass-bottom boat cruise on the Tobermory Explorer.  We found out that Tobermory is a very popular destination for scuba divers because there are many shipwrecks in the area to explore underwater.

It was cool and windy that day, but the sun was shining brightly.  We cruised around the little islands – the most famous one being Flowerpot Island.  The rock pillars on the island were something to see!  We also took a little ride by the Big Tub Lighthouse.

One of the most popular destinations in the Tobermory area is The Grotto in the Bruce Peninsula National Park.  The caves are fun to explore, and we could not get enough of looking at the turquoise water.

The Cliffs and Caves in Tobermory


Although short, our weekend getaway to Tobermory was memorable.  We will definitely go back and explore more in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

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